Grade A Health Rating For The People’s Kitchen At OWS, Almost

Grade A Health Rating For The People’s Kitchen At OWS, Almost

Occupy Wall Street's eatery gets the coveted top health inspection from the city of New York - or so they thought.

Liz Walsh
  • 26 october 2011

Over the weekend someone posted a ‘A’ grade health inspection sign at The People’s Kitchen, the restaurant of Occupy Wall Street. Stand-up comedian John Knefel tweeted about the rating and posted a picture, which may or may not have been taken seriously by occupiers at Zuccotti Park. Kitchen staff were initially excited about the ‘A’ grade, as an indication of the cleanliness standards at Zuccotti Park; clearly there are still some resentments after Bloomberg’s attempt to evacuate occupiers for the sake of “cleaning” the space. Of course, The People’s Kitchen is not officially registered, so it would be unable to acquire a rating anyways.

While The People’s Kitchen may not itself be eligible for health inspector reviews, its food has certainly been scrutinized and celebrated elsewhere. The food at Occupy Wall Street has included local fare from restaurants such as Katz’s Delicatessen and Birdbath Bakery, serving the protestors famed New York City sandwiches and organic baked goods. There are also shipments of donations and money for food coming in from all over the country, including free Ben and Jerry’s.

Photo by John Knefel.


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