Hackers Occupy The Web To Support Protest

Hackers Occupy The Web To Support Protest

Computer programmers and developers create apps and hacks to help support the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Yi Chen
  • 19 october 2011

‘Hackers’ show their support for the Occupy Wall Street movement by creating a hackathon event. Matt Ewing, founder of green tech company Rewire Labs, held the Occupy The Web hackathon event in  San Francisco last week. Attended by programmers via invitation from Ewing, the event aimed to develop software and apps that can help the Occupy Wall Street protest. The developers were keen utilize technology  to support local ‘occupations’ and to expand the movement.

Ewing explained that:

Protesters can move faster because of technology, but they can easily look disjointed. This is what a 21st century movement is like.

Some of the projects that came about from the hackathon included: OccupySMS, Occupy the Hub, OccupyDesign and OccupyAds.

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