Heads-Up Display Shows Athletes If They’re On The Right Track

Heads-Up Display Shows Athletes If They’re On The Right Track

The device, which attaches to your sunglasses, uses LEDs and audio feedback to tell you about your performance.

Emma Hutchings
  • 27 october 2011

Canadian company 4iiii Innovations has developed a heads-up display system for athletes called Sportiiiis. The device can be attached to virtually any pair of sunglasses and communicates performance data using seven colored LEDs that light up beneath your eye line, and audio feedback from the built-in speaker.

A green light in the center means the athlete is at their optimum performance level. The lights range from yellow through to red on both sides and the lights on the left indicate you aren’t achieving your goal, while the ones on the right mean you’re pushing yourself too hard.

The device can be programmed with your optimal heart rate, speed, etc, using a computer or smartphone app. It can be paired with monitoring devices via ANT+ wireless technology to receive performance data, and users can configure the LEDs so they correspond to their personal level of fitness. The brightness of the LEDs and the speaker volume can be adjusted on the unit or using the app. Tapping the side of the HUD gives the user an instant audio update and double-tapping cycles through the paired devices. The Sportiiiis will be available next month, with prices starting at $199.

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