By 2025, 350 million more people will have moved to cities, five years later the urban population will top 1 billion - and China will be leading all this.

This article titled “China becomes an urban nation at breakneck speed” was written by Tania Branigan in Guiyang, for The Guardian on Sunday 2nd October 2011 15.00 UTC

Every few minutes another car brakes sharply as it reaches Tangbaguan on Guiyang’s new ring road. Another driver does a double-take. The dual carriageway ends abruptly in a narrow dirt track twisting downwards through heaps of rubble.

The city is eating hungrily into the hillsides, swallowing up maize fields and rice terraces in loops of tarmac and towers of concrete and glass. But the pace of change is so rapid, the transition so sharp, that its citizens are increasingly bewildered by their surroundings. Some, like the migrant workers building the roads, are new to city life. Others no longer recognise their hometown as it sprawls across the land.

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