In-Store Installation: Wallpaper That Changes Under Different Lighting

In-Store Installation: Wallpaper That Changes Under Different Lighting
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Milanese art collective creates color-shifting wallpaper for East London bar and gallery.

Laura Feinstein
  • 17 october 2011

Remember how amazing it was as a kid when you got a toy that changed colors? Whether it was a body-heat activated mood ring, cold-enhanced Freaky Freezies gloves, or glow-in-the-dark ink, nothing elicited more playground oohs and aahs than an aesthetically shifting play thing. For a more refined and grown-up version of this, Milanese collective Carnovsky recently plastered East London bar and gallery DreamBags-JaguarShoes with their unique wallpaper, able to change pattern and color under different lighting conditions. Dubbed RGB, the hangings came in red, green, blue and yellow and were made to reveal different layers of imagery when viewed under colored lighting. With a motif of jungle animals and plants, the expansive wallpaper also came with a series of limited edition prints mounted as part of the show.

How was it done? For RGB, Carnovsky skillfully designed surfaces which were able to mutate and interact with different ‘chromatic stimulus.’ As part of their technique, three overlapping and different images were created, each one in a primary color. Then, through a colored filter, it became possible to see individual layers based on composition.While sadly the exhibit is no longer up, you can still view some of the images from this amazing collaboration below.

Jaguar Shoes


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