Is Museo The New Comic Sans?

Is Museo The New Comic Sans?

Although aesthetically pleasing in itself, a new font is now being use perhaps too widely by tech companies.

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 10 october 2011

Designed by Jos Buivenga, Museo is a pleasing font that conveys funkiness and a hip vibe, and therefore, is perhaps best used sparingly.

Many, many companies and designers have latched on to Museo as an easy front-page font of choice. Unlike Helvetica and Arial, which are design staples made to function as background upon which other fonts can stand out, Museo is a nice, ‘fancy’ font that distinguishes itself for special uses. But when everyone uses it (Dell, Seamless, Nestio, and Livestream among others), it just seems, well, a little overused like Comic Sans. Then it loses its power and appeal as a ‘different’ and ‘fun’ font.

In order to really stand out in the crowded tech and internet services industry, choose an appropriately unique font that matches your company. Balance Media has some suggestions for designers looking for ideas or inspiration:


Coustard font

Josefin Slab


Podkova font

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