Japanese Company Creates Realistic Face Masks

Japanese Company Creates Realistic Face Masks

REAL-f copies human faces to make 3D photo forms for people to buy.

Emma Hutchings
  • 13 october 2011

REAL-f, a start-up company in Japan, is making face masks that are very realistic replicas. These 3 dimension photo forms (3DPFs) are 3D copies of human faces, created by taking photographs of a person’s face from lots of different angles and then imprinting the final image onto vinyl chloride resin stretched over a mold. Their unique production technology means that even minute details like the iris and a person’s blood vessels appear on the copy.

The company offers two versions of its photo forms, a mask and a full-size replica of the head. The face mask costs $3,920, with additional copies available for $780 each, and a replica costs $5,875, with extra copies for $1,960.



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