Japanese Toilet Maker Creates ‘Human’ Powered Motorcycle

Japanese Toilet Maker Creates ‘Human’ Powered Motorcycle
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The Toilet Bike Neo Project was created to take a lot of know what.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 3 october 2011

We’ll try our best to keep this post clean. TOTO, Japan’s top toilet manufacturer has built a motorcycle which runs on biogas derived from human waste. Yes, you read that correctly. The bike converts the rider’s waste into a biogas fuel using a modified version of a TOTO toilet. The Toilet Bike Neo Project will tour Japan to promote the TOTO Green Challenge which the company created to reduce CO2 emissions in bathrooms by 50% before 2017. The tour gets underway in three days beginning in southwestern island of Kyushu and ending in Tokyo. The bike and TOTO representatives will make stops in cities and towns to educate people on green initiatives the company is working on.

Besides the technological feat of reducing a working biogas processor down in size to fit on a motorcycle, the bike also has a few other interesting tech features. While the bike is being ridden at night, messages can be transmitted in the air via an LED light writer. The toilet mounted on the bike can play music and talk, features which TOTO has been integrating into their current models.




You can follow the progress of the tour on the TOTOtalk blog. The Toilet Bike Neo Project is set to hit the roads in Japan beginning October 6th.

[via Spoon & Tamago]

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