Kickstarter Hits A Million Backers [Headlines]

A woman pledged to fund a film and became the one-millionth person to back a project using the crowd-funding site.

Amelia Riley Swan
  • 12 october 2011

Some of you one million backers have really knocked our Kickstarter picks out of the park—in fact, this weekend saw the successful funding of Teagueduino and Makeshift Magazine, while Stefan Sagmeister’s “Happy Film” will be funded in four days. Jon Kemnitzer’s “Skate Bench No. 1” is just over $400 short of funding with less than a week to go.

Last week marked an important milestone for the crowd-funding site—a woman pledged to fund a film and in doing so, became the millionth person to have ever backed a Kickstarter project. Not only did the company hit their millionth backer, but as co-founder Yancey Strickler mentioned at this year’s IDSA International conference, last week Kickstarter backers pledged more than $100 million to projects. Core77

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