Gordon Young's typographical 'Comedy Carpet' is installed on the promenade in Blackpool.

One of the UK's biggest ever pieces of public art was opened in Blackpool this week. The Comedy Carpet, by Gordon Young, was commissioned by Blackpool Council with part of a £4m grant from CABE's SeaChange programme for regenerating the Promenade. The Comedy Carpet features catchprases, jokes and songs from over 1,000 comedians from over 100 years, the majority of whom have performed in Blackpool.

It has taken five years to create, as more than 160,000 letters were individually cut from solid granite or cobalt blue concrete and then arranged into 320 slabs and cast into high quality, white concrete panels. The letters come in different shapes and sizes, some are only a few centimetres and some over a metre, so visitors can enjoy a close-up view as well as a bird's eye view from a platform on the Blackpool Tower.

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