Linus Hui’s ‘Feel Good’ Origami

Linus Hui’s ‘Feel Good’ Origami
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The artist's astonishing origami works bring paper sculpting and folding to life.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 3 october 2011

Hong Kong-based paper artist Linus Hui puts a fascinating spin on origami — the Japanese art of paper-folding and cutting. His works that excite, inspire, and draw varying emotions from his viewers by creating large scale, life-like animals and headdresses. Hui’s ‘feel good’ works showcase a quirky yet lively side of paper-folding that aspiring artists can explore and maximize.

Hui explains:

The stiffness and smoothness of paper fascinate me, and I love contrasting the material to the expressive human flesh.

Linus and the Feel Good Factory

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