The founder of AirBnB speaks about how a simple narrative and word of mouth can help to build and sell a brand.

As the Founder of AirBnB, Joe Gabbia started in 2007 and has since developed an online marketplace that allows people to uncover accommodation across the world either as the consumer or the ‘seller.’  He runs the brand’s Product team to further the customer experience, one that has been featured in Business Week, Time Magazine, I.D and across the net.

While running Air BnB, Joe recognized a problem and simultaneously realized that he had the solutions in front of him: to create a platform that empowered people to connect people offline and utilize their available space for tourists and travelers.  Since 2008 Air BnB has increased its listings by activating non-scalable activity.  By using the pyramid structure of storytelling from the ground up, the Air BnB story began with bloggers, moved to newspapers, broadcasts, went regional, national and then eventually global for basically no cost.

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