Mobile App Lets You Start And Join Real Conversations

Mobile App Lets You Start And Join Real Conversations

With Movogo you can create public or private discussions with groups of people and add your voice to the topic.

Emma Hutchings
  • 10 october 2011

Upcoming app Movogo is designed for people who want to share real conversations with others. Funded by David Cohen, the founder of TechStars, and operated by CEO Mike Rowan, Movogo lets you search for topics that interest you and join in the public discussions, or keep your conversations private between friends or co-workers by password-protecting them.

When the app is launched, you’ll be able to argue politics, talk about your favorite sports team or chat about what was on TV last night. Search for topics, find a discussion, listen to what people have to say and then join in by recording your reply. There’s also a fast forward option for you to skip ahead in the conversation and listen to a different person’s point of view. Movogo will be available in the App Store soon, followed by Android and Blackberry versions.


Photo by Kris Hoet

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