MTV To Create Reality Show On Occupy Wall Street Movement

MTV To Create Reality Show On Occupy Wall Street Movement
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The network will air an episode of True Life on November 5 to document youth occupiers of Zuccotti Park.

Liz Walsh
  • 25 october 2011

On November 5 at 6pm, MTV will air ‘True Life: I’m Occupying Wall Street.’ The show will follow selected individuals from Zuccotti Park, one geographical hub of a now-global movement that prides itself on being anti-hierarchical and working in solidarity for change. The network posted an advertisement on Craigslist looking for volunteers aged 20-24 to submit their photos and biographical information to the network. Craigslist seems a rather ironic approach, given that its intended cast is available 24/7 only a few subway stops from the network studios.

MTV’s focus through this episode of True Life will be on recent graduates who are struggling to find work in the economy, despite the promises of their education. The episode is sure to generate criticism and opinions from both the 99% and the 1%, but what does it mean specifically for protestors and those who support the movement but cannot be at Zuccotti Park daily?

As the Occupy Movement spreads, so too does the meaning of the term ‘occupy.’ As participants at the Washington Square General Assembly (a part of the Occupy movement that stands in solidarity with Zuccotti, but operates autonomously, just as other Occupy movements around the globe) have pointed out, ‘to occupy’ is much more than physically taking control of a space. Some have referred to the Occupy Movement as a ‘consciousness revolution,’ asking the 99% to participate in a proactive measure to end apathy and engage in political dialogue in public space – which may take a variety of forms.

So, when MTV airs its episode on Occupy Wall Street, will the occupiers have begun to occupy the entertainment space as well?

MTV’s True Life


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