New York Diner The First To Be Animal Welfare Approved

New York Diner The First To Be Animal Welfare Approved
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Restaurant in Hudson promotes local sustainability and ethical treatment of animals.

Yi Chen
  • 13 october 2011

Grazin’ occupied a 1950s diner in Hudson, New York to become the first restaurant in the U.S. to be certified Animal Welfare Approved. Everything in the diner is served fresh and comes from family-run farms within an 11-mile radius. Grazin’ ensures that the animals are fed on a natural pasture diet and have been treated humanely. Furthermore, Grazin’ also runs its own wind-powered farm just a few miles from the restaurant. The Grazin’ Angus Acres farm is environmentally friendly and endorses ethical treatment of animals.

The owners of Grazin’, Dan and Sue Gibson, are big supporters of  local and environmental sustainability. They state on their website that:

The “local” food movement is as important as the “organic” food movement. Grain’ gives customers the opportunity to sample local, organic and biodynamic (when possible) food gems, such as Grazin Angus Acres’ 100% Grassfed and Finished Black Angus Beef, all in the heart of Hudson, New York at the community’s beloved diner location.


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