Nick Felton’s Infographic Wine Label

Nick Felton’s Infographic Wine Label

An Australian winery commissioned the data visualizer to design their new label--perhaps as a perfect pairing to Felton's day job creating Facebook's Timeline interface.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 8 october 2011

Designer Nick Felton has worked with Australian winery Between Five Bells to design the label for their upcoming 2010 Red. In an effort to be transparent and forthcoming about the wine and its composition, the winery’s management gathered data that included the vineyards’ vintage conditions, ferments and additional data on its grapes since 2009. Felton then worked with the data to visualize the wine’s composition in his distinct infographic style. The ultimate intention, according to Felton, is that:

The labels on these wines should tell you something about the wine inside, be honest about it, and maybe even help inspire a bit of wine research.

Between Five Bells’ future labels will also feature the design ‘template’ created by Felton (whom shares a great-grandfather with BFB’s owner, David Fesq). Due to the nature of wine — the composition of each run is different — no two bottles or labels will be the same.

We love this firstly because it’s beautiful, but more importantly because it demonstrates a very visual, unique attempt for one of the more involved and researched purchase decisions–wine, to be transparent about its composition. Of course, some might just forego the research and buy it for the label.

Nick Felton

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