Occupy Wall Street Protests Gain Momentum Across U.S. [Headlines]


What started as a protest in New York has now spread into numerous other cities across the nation.

Amelia Riley Swan
  • 11 october 2011

In Boston large groups of protesters marched from Boston Common to the North Washington Bridge yesterday holding placards reading “End the Wars” and “Tax the Rich”.

“I’m extremely angry that Wall Street is taking over Main Street America. It’s absolutely ridiculous that a company as large as GE pays no taxes … people are without healthcare, without jobs. This is ridiculous,” said one student on the march in Boston.

In Columbus, Ohio a protester who identified herself as a veteran said she had volunteered for military service “to protect the United States of America not the corporations of America.”

“I have kids who have college degrees who should be starting a good life. They can’t find jobs and they are in debt. This is wrong,” she said. Telegraph

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