Personalizing Products Through Artistic Branding

Personalizing Products Through Artistic Branding

The Art Box Collection, dives deeper into the creative world of customized, emotional, tailor-made products that marry art and marketing.

Michael Ellenbogen
  • 17 october 2011

The Art Box Collection (ABC) is an artistic branding collective based in Berlin. Charting new territory, and with a strong vision in marketing, ABC tells stories in artistic ways; each product is one-of-a-kind and therefore creates a unique emotional customer experience. The ABC creates customized, limited edition, hand-made work for various occasions and clients.

The Art Box Collection works with a wide range of artists and companies, including a close relationship with, to ensure the highest possible sustainability for international products. Using wood, paper, leather, metal, latex, carbon and customized raw materials, the process and materials are green certified.

The video below, (the first of “The ABC Conversations”) features The Art Box Collection’s owner, Alex Sun, describing methods and inspiration behind the ideas.

The Art Box Collection

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