Graphic Designer Jay Shells creates bold signs to add some polish to the recent protest slogans.

Just as the face(s) of Occupy Wall Street have evolved over the course of the past few weeks, so too has its branding. Recently the protests, which started out as a rag-tag team of core activists that now encompasses wide-standing support from unions, students and teamsters, has recently been given a make-over care of artist Jay Shells and @blulaces. As Shepard Fairey‘s Obama agitprop showed us- good graphic design can go a long way in making your slogans and signs more memorable. Hopefully Shells, the creative mind behind the Metropolitan Etiquette Authority and the subway etiquette posters  against public transit don'ts, will be able to add a touch of aesthetic polish to a movement already representing a sizable chunk of the city's creative and artistic underclasses.

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