Portraits Of The Occupy Wall Street Protesters [Pics]

Portraits Of The Occupy Wall Street Protesters [Pics]

A NYC-based photographer sets up a portable studio to capture the faces of those protesting.

Emma Hutchings
  • 19 october 2011

New York City photographer Eddie McShane has been going down to Zucotti Park and taking photographs of the Occupy Wall Street protesters in a portable studio setting. His portraits, with their blank backgrounds, highlight the human faces of those protesting. McShane writes:

I feel that stripping away all of the background noise and just showing the people demonstrates their undeniable humanity. Their faces tell their story. What I learned is that these people are not whackos, anarchists, or indigents. They are overwhelmingly working and middle class people of all backgrounds who feel that their government has failed them and does not represent their interests.

Eddie McShane has a set on Flickr called The Occupiers where you can see the full collection of portraits and also on Tumblr at OccupiedNYC.

Photos by Eddie McShane

Eddie McShane

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