PSFK Asks The Purple List, How Many Screens Do You Use In Your Life? Part 2

PSFK Asks The Purple List, How Many Screens Do You Use In Your Life? Part 2

In preparation of the release of the iPhone 5 next week, PSFK asked PurpleList members to weigh in on how many screens is to many, and what they think the optimal number would be.

Nestor Bailly, PSFK
  • 3 october 2011

In preparation of the release of the iPhone 5 next week, PSFK recently asked our global network of experts on The PurpleList how many screens they have in their lives, how many they ideally would have, and whether we’ve reached a point of device saturation. We asked them to consider the convergence of devices and emergence of screens for niche uses as well. Here are some more of the best answers, continued from our previous post:

yashesh shethia: Ideally, would not like to use more than two, at the most three.

Currently, MB Air, Iphone, BB and Kindle.

Hoping that that iP5 has a fantastic battery life; will then be able to maybe just go with one phone. And ditch the BB.

The Air is indispensable. As is the Kindle for reading (quality of display and battery life)

How about an iPhone that docks in to the MacBook Air? Increases the processing power, shared memory, hotswap, battery charging… wishful thinking.




Britt Davis: Right now, I have:

Desktop monitor, used rarely.

Laptop screen: all day, every day at work!

Cell phone: texting all day, music for walks / runs / workouts.

I feel this works well, except that using the internet on my phone is such a pain that I have to drag out the laptop to search for anything. Perhaps an ideal world would contain a cell-phone sized screen that handles internet well, and a wall-sized screen for arranging digital documents, etc. without printing.

The in-between sizes really are not that useful to me, only able to view one page of one document at a time. If I need to seriously organize a powerpoint or something, I have to print it out, lay it out (often taped to a wall) and physically move pages. What a waste, just to reorganize and print again!!


Marten Ekenberg:

• 11″ MacBook Air
• 4″ Google Nexus S
• 9.7″ iPad
• 6″ Kindle 3

In an ideal world one single screen would be optimal. A non-physical screen as a virtual layer on top of my eye’s lens. Well, that would be the optimal, sci-fi, option.

The second best option would be a fold out soft, bendable, screen – different size and resolution depending on usage.

The third, and probably most realistic option, would be one hardware device which could be docked to different screens. The hardware, in the shape of a phone, acting as a 4″ hub – an enabler – with all content stored in the cloud. Dock it into a 10″ and you have a tablet, a 27″ workstation, or a… bigger one when watching movies.



Angelique Raina: Currently I use about 3 screens, Blackberry, laptop and occasionally my work desktop.

And in my absolute ideal world, 1.

BUT — if and only if — that 1 screen could very easily, ideally intuitively, morph size and display for different uses eg. watching movies, reading and even to become just a portable size/weight like my Blackberry?

It may sound like I’m asking too much, but you did say in an ideal world…


Neil Major: I think as people have been pushing towards, three is good. To me, it’s like stationary size. You need a notebook, an A4 pad and a flipchart. So that’s a smartphone, a tablet (or laptop) and some kind of big screen device. Regardless of the flavour of OS/tech, surely that’s all you need?


Trent Bigelow: Everyone here has provided an excellent roundup of the (increasing number of) multitude of screens many of us rely on, on a daily basis.

My observation within the past few weeks: I’ve only had my iPad for about two weeks now but I’m finding myself watching Netflix (streaming) on my larger LCD TV less, doing emails on my Blackberry less, and the same goes for web browsing on my computers.

Even though I added one more screen to my arsenal (the iPad), I’m actually far fewer screens in aggregate. Is this just the customary honeymoon of a new toy or the consolidation Apple (or any Tablet maker) hoped for?

If Cisco had their way, we’d have even more (connected) screens:

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