PSFK Interviews Eric Corey Freed Of OrganicARCHITECT

PSFK Interviews Eric Corey Freed Of OrganicARCHITECT
Design & Architecture

PSFK speaks to a leading green architect about their use of CAD design tools.

Jeff Weiner
  • 12 october 2011

organic ARCHITECT was founded in 1997 by Eric Corey Freed, as an alternative to the traditional architectural design practice.  The firm focuses on sustainable and innovative design and attempts to join the two in all of their projects. In addition to offering architectural services, Eric has also published several books about environmental design and remodeling.

PSFK recently sat down with Eric to learn more about organicARCHITECT and his personal design process.

Where do you turn for inspiration when contemplating new projects?

Nature is always the inspiration.  The unique qualities of the site — the sun, wind, climate, available materials and resources shape the design the same way Nature would shape it’s own design.

Talk to us about the use of technology within your creative process. As an Autodesk AutoCAD user, how does 3D rendering software help you to realize and communicate your visions?

3D allows me to convey what is in my head and explain it to the client in an unequivocal way.  It is invaluable in explaining complex forms that would be lost in regular 2D drawings.  My favorite modeling tool in AutoCAD 2012 is 3D Array, as the results are often surprisingly wonderful. It is quick, simple to use and enables me to do things I can’t do on paper.

Dining By Design Dining Room, organicARCHITECT, 2011

With rendering such big files, things can take time. How have the improvements in AutoCAD 2012 helped you to become more efficient?

This latest version of AutoCAD seems to focus back onto the end user experience (something that occasionally gets forgotten).  It seems to better anticipate my workflow and the steps I need to take.  In reality, I used only 20% of the tools 80% of the time, so those are the tools I don’t want to wait for, or tools that must load and slow down my momentum.  The new bits of AutoCAD 2012 help that.  I love the 3D free form tool that allows real time changes and edits to be made. Hatches have undergone a facelift (after decades) and it is a welcome improvement.  And finally, the new ability of object grips now seems obvious and something I wish I had before.  Combined all of these improvements make the task of working with our complex, headache-inducing files much, much easier.

Things are moving towards the cloud as people demand a more virtual lifestyle. How has the ability to edit remotely in AutoCAD from the web or mobile device helped you better manage your company/business?

 I love my iPad and the simple (and free) AutoCAD WS is just great to use in a meeting where I can open, view and zoom around my drawings.  It is hard to imagine life before it.

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