PSFK Picks: Most Innovative Bikes

PSFK Picks: Most Innovative Bikes

A roundup of some of the best innovations in bicycle design, from integrated USB ports to water purification systems.

Amelia Riley Swan
  • 18 october 2011

PSFK has compiled a roundup of the most interesting recent innovations in bike design. Check out models from Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli, Toto, Silverback, and Nippon Basic.

Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli‘s INgSOC 

This chainless hybrid bike combines the aerodynamics of a triathlon bike with hybrid technology to create a truly different-looking bike. It runs in three modes: battery-powered, battery assist, and battery charge mode (in which the rider charges the battery by pedaling). The INgSOC also includes battery-powered headlights and tail lights, as well as an iPhone dock.

Toto’s Toilet Bike Neo

Japanese toilet manufacturer Toto unveiled this biogas (human waste)-powered motorbike. The biogas is collected through the on-seat toilet that rests on the three bike’s three wheels. The Toilet Bike also plays music, talks, and spells out messages in LED lights.

Silverback’s Starke Sub Zero

The front hub of this bike from German company Silverback converts forward music into charge for the rider’s iPod. The wheel has an electric generator built in, which produces enough power to charge the headlights and the USB port on the handlebars. Both the lights and the USB offer increased safety for the cyclists: lights for night riding, and a charger so the cyclist’s GPS can stay charged, or their phone if they do get lost or hurt and need help.

Nippon Basic’s CycloClean

The CycloClean includes a water purification system powered by the forward motion of the pedals. The idea behind the bike is to purify water to provide for those living in remote villages or disaster areas that do not have drinkable water. In addition to puncture-proof tires, the bicycle can pump water up from up to five meters below ground. According to Nippon Basic, the bike can generate three tons of clean water, enough for 1,500 people, per ten-hour bike trip.

Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli



Nippon Basic

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