A new breed of driving facilities are catering to owners of luxury performance vehicles.

Previous generations had the opportunity to flaunt their wealth by becoming members of exclusive country clubs joined to golf courses. For those who prefer to spend their cash on expensive performance cars or vintage race cars, a new breed of country clubs are being built to cater to individuals looking for an adrenalin rush. Instead of expansive green links, these clubs offer twisty ribbons of tarmac.

One interesting project currently under construction in central Germany is the Blister Berg circuit which sits on the former site of a cold war NATO ammunition depot. The 200 acre site will become a luxury driving resort featuring tracks designed by Hermann Tilke, who has created track layouts for contemporary Formula One circuits including Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Istanbul and Shanghai. The Blister Berg facility will include a 2.67 mile track, an off-road course and a skid pad area. While an array of garages and hospitality buildings will also occupy the site, it is situated in a secluded portion of the Teuteborg Forest. The level of privacy is a selling point both to wealthy individuals and automakers who could book the track for private testing of prototype models.

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