Redesigned Tramission Towers Are More Visually Appealing

Redesigned Tramission Towers Are More Visually Appealing
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A Danish studio has come up with the T-Pylon design that's less of an eyesore and more aesthetic.

Yi Chen
  • 18 october 2011

Bulky transmission towers and its scattered overhead powerlines are often considered as a visual pollution. Bystrup, a studio in Copenhagen in Denmark, has come up with a more aesthetic solution with their T-shaped transmission tower. The innovative T-Pylon design has won the Pylon Design Competition run by the Department of Energy & Climate Change, National Grid, and the Royal Institute of British Architects in the U.K.

Among over 250 entries, the T-Pylon design stood out with its simple, symmetrical structure and its strong ‘visual appeal and characteristics’. In addition, the T-Pylon design will also reduce the size and height of traditional transmission towers meaning less materials will be used in construction.

Nick Winser, Executive Director of National Grid explained that:

In the T-Pylon we have a design that has the potential to be a real improvement on the steel lattice tower. It’s shorter, lighter and the simplicity of the design means it would fit into the landscape more easily. In addition, the design of the electrical components is genuinely innovative and exciting.


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