Smart Shower Recycles Water To Save Energy And Money

Smart Shower Recycles Water To Save Energy And Money

Reveeco's EcoVea analyzes what you've used and if its clean, treats it and sends it back to the shower head.

Emma Hutchings
  • 17 october 2011

The EcoVéa from Reveeco is an innovative real-time recycling shower that can reduce water and energy use by up to 80% for every shower. While you are using it, the EcoVéa continuously analyzes and sorts the water via a cell embedded in the base. Dirty water is drained away, and clean water is filtered, given an antibacterial treatment and sent back up to the shower head with a little bit of new hot water to maintain a constant temperature.

An electronic control pad allows you to set the temperature and water flow and an automated cleaning cycle activates after you’ve finished showering to make sure it is clean and no water is stored between uses. Watch the video below for more information on this intelligent and ecological shower system:


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