Solar Powered Battery Charger Tweets Your Energy Savings

Solar Powered Battery Charger Tweets Your Energy Savings

The Changers Solar Starter measures how much energy it has stored and created and shares that information with your followers to help motivate people to be environmentally conscious.

Dylan Schenker
  • 25 october 2011

When we help the environment we want to broadcast to everyone we know, right? The Changers Solar Starter Kit captures solar energy that can be used to charge various tablets and smartphones. The solar panel takes about four hours to charge or approximately four Watts per hour. It is able to accurately measure how much energy it has stored, and thus created, while charging. When connected to a computer it will then Tweet this information to your followers spreading your do-gooder actions.

It might seem silly but it plays into the company’s larger goal about spreading the importance of conservative energy consumption and CO2 savings. By tweeting this information it makes more people aware of how it is possible for anyone to participate in helping save energy in an efficient manner. Also, accumulating and broadcasting energy savings also earns credits that can be redeemed for goods and services.  The design of the product itself is very sleek as well so helping the environment becomes an added benefit to having a cool product.

The set, which includes a solar panel and a battery costs $149 and they will be rolled out on November 15th

The Changers Solar Starter Kit

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