SportSense Determines Most Exciting NFL Games Based On Fan Tweets

SportSense Determines Most Exciting NFL Games Based On Fan Tweets

Engineers came up with a program that monitors game stats and fan reactions by analyzing Twitter updates.

Anna Brillon
  • 6 october 2011

Researchers from Motorola Mobility and Rice University in Houston developed a smart program that can analyze the level of excitement in an NFL game based on tweets fans send after every play. Called, ‘SportSense,’ this software monitors NFL fan tweets in real time, giving engineers and analysts enough info they need to determine the outcome of the game, even if they never get to watch a minute of it.

The research team explains that sports fans are like sensors, in that they can detect and generate valuable data for analysis. Couple that with the power of tweeting, and you have tons of info to provide game stats that go beyond points or touchdowns. As an example, SportSense was able to rank the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions October 2 game as the most exciting of the week, based on the 28 tweets per second the fans sent during that time.

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