Street Graffiti Meets 3D Art In ‘Street Allegory’

Street Graffiti Meets 3D Art In ‘Street Allegory’

Shaka's oil on canvass is more than a painting, but gives its viewers a more realistic view of street art.

Anna Brillon
  • 4 october 2011

This masterpiece by French street artist Shaka is aptly entitled ‘Street Allegory’ because of the various symbols featured in the work. To be launched and exhibited at Paris’ Alexandre Lazarew Gallery, ‘Street Allegory’ showcases different aspects of city life, from skateboarders to artists and even sewer workers. Shaka uses a striking red and black palette, with a bas-relief technique that makes some of the images literally pop out of the canvass. Looking at it from the front, one notices the dramatic effects of the colors and the realistic details in every character. When checking it out from the side, one can see that Shaka used materials such a real skateboard and spray paint can to add dimension to the work. Shaka completed this painting in 2010, and more of his 3D pop art creations can be seen in the museum gallery mid-October.



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