Street Signs Can Speak A Secret Language

Street Signs Can Speak A Secret Language
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Street artist Clet Abraham transforms regular street signs into religious art

Anna Brillon
  • 6 october 2011

Florence-born street artist Clet Abraham used the rich cultural heritage and modern facet of Italy as backdrops for his urban art. In his masterpieces, Abraham attached carefully cut removable stickers onto street signs across Italy. Each street sign can now be seen in a slighly religious light, as ordinary geometric shapes are transformed to resemble events from the Bible. For instance, an ordinary ‘No Entry’ sign now appears as the image of Christ carrying the cross. With just a few embellishments, Abraham changed arrows into angels, and T-intersection signs into the Pieta. Not all street signs depicted religious themes, however. But Abraham managed to bring forth a secret language in street signs that most people normally don’t see.



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