Using motion-detection technology, this lock can be opened using hand gestures.

A team of researchers in Taiwan, led by Tsai Yao-pin, have developed a lock that can be opened without a code, a key, or any hardware at all: the lock is opened with gestures. The technology behind this device is similar to that of Nintendo's Wii, as it can detect movement in three dimensions. Users can set their lock to recognize whichever gesture they choose, and then repeat the same gesture to unlock. The gesture can be changed at any time.

This invention is another step towards a completely digital world, with a focus on convenience. “In the future, you won’t have to worry about losing or forgetting your keys,” said Yao-pin. The locks are expected to take about half a year to go commercial, and won the Gold at the Invention Awards of the 2011 Taipei International Invention Show.

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