The Laws Of [Consumer] Engagement

The Laws Of [Consumer] Engagement

Foursquare shares their point of view on creating engaging experiences at this week's TEDXSilicon Alley.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 28 october 2011

TEDXSiliconAlley is currently underway in New York City, where the appetite for technology startup investment shows no sign of wavering. Among a number of speakers was Siobhan Quinn, formerly associated with Gmail’s launch, and currently a Product Manager at Foursquare, leading their engagement team.

According to The Next Web, Quinn had 5 points to offer the crowd, in reference to how Foursquare inspires its users to continually pull out their phones and check-in:

  • We seek out the comfort of human relationships: Provide people with clear access to a community (it may even be their own).
  • We all have something to say: Offer vehicles for your community to express themselves and tell their story.
  • We need to feel valued: Tokens of appreciation and recognition may includes badges, rewards, exclusive access, and the like.
  • We’re drawn to beauty: Never take design and aesthetics for granted — they’re powerful at a very basic, human level.
  • We crave discovery: Help people learn about new things — ideas, places, music, food, destinations — what be it. We all want to feel like we’re among the first few to know about something.

These ‘rules’ feel like a simple, instinctive reminder of what makes human beings react. While there are far more comprehensive models by which to understand what motivates us, these essential reminders can often prompt us to remember what the experiences we create should address and accomplish — at a 100,000 foot level. And hey, it seems to work for Foursquare, Spotify, SVPPLY, and a host of other platforms.

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