The Newest Desktop Addiction: Buckycubes

The Newest Desktop Addiction: Buckycubes

These tiny, powerful rare earth magnets are enough fun to keep you distracted from work for hours.

Amelia Riley Swan
  • 13 october 2011

The latest tiny desk toy from the makers of the popular Buckyballs is Buckycubes. Like Buckyballs, Buckycubes are made from powerful rare earth magnets, and also like Buckyballs, Buckycubes are endlessly entertaining.

The cubes come in sets of 125 and can be formed into a multitude of mini-sculptures and patterns (The Big Book of Bucky is 84 pages of how-tos), but are also fun to simply fidget with. In fact, you probably won’t be able to stop. The magnets are so strong that they practically take on a life of their own and shift themselves into position. Due to the infinite possibilities afforded by the 125 tiny cubes, this desk toy is undeniably addictive.


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