The U.S. Has More Wireless Devices Than People [Headlines]


Data released this week shows that there are 327.6 million wireless connections, equal to 103.9 percent of the population.

Amelia Riley Swan
  • 13 october 2011

Watching all those people juggling phones and tablets and e-readers in stores, subways and coffee shops, not to mention the many small shops continually offering new models of phones, you could think that there are more wireless devices than people.

You would be right. Data released this week from CTIA, the wireless industry association, shows that there were 327.6 million wireless customer connections, equal to 103.9 percent of the United States population. This is the first time there have been more customers than people. It is also a 9 percent increase from the 300.5 million connections of a year ago. Not bad, for a country teetering near recession, where about one-third of the population lives with little or no discretionary income. Bits

+New York Times

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