Toyota Introduces Smartphone Mirroring Infotainment System

Toyota Introduces Smartphone Mirroring Infotainment System

Touch Life lets users access their phone's functions with a touchscreen display and steering wheel-based controls.

Emma Hutchings
  • 27 october 2011

Toyota have added the Touch Life to their range of infotainment products, giving drivers greater smartphone-vehicle connectivity by mirroring the device’s display on the system’s 7-inch touchscreen. Smartphone functionalities can be accessed using the screen or steering wheel-based controls.

Nokia users can be the first to connect their smartphones using the Car Connectivity Consortium’s MirrorLink protocol, by downloading the Nokia Car Mode app. While driving, this presents them with a simplified user interface with only the most essential, non-distracting functions like the navigation system and music player, and when the car is stationary, they can access all of the smartphone’s functionalities.

iPhone users can download the free Application Launcher app to connect their device with Touch Life. This offers drivers and passengers access to navigation apps, internet radio, news apps and social networks like Facebook and Twitter on the in-car display using the built-in interface. More features and smartphones will continue to be added as companies implement the MirrorLink protocol.


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