Track Price Changes Of Restaurant Menus

Track Price Changes Of Restaurant Menus

Website run by a well-known food critic lets you know when restaurant menu prices increase.

Yi Chen
  • 3 october 2011

New York food critic, Ryan Sutton, keeps a close eye on restaurant prices rather than quality on his Tumblr blog, The Price Hike. Sutton wants to advocate menu pricing transparency so his website lets you know which restaurants have raised their prices. Currently, The Price Hike mainly monitors expensive restaurants that offer exquisite five-star dining. For example, Sutton noticed that Bouley turned the six-course prix fixe at $165 to a dinner for two for $888. Then there’s Milos, a Greek seafood restaurant that raised the prices of its steak dishes by $70.

Sutton is a food writer for the Bloomberg News and also runs the blog The Bad Deal. The Bad Deal lets readers know which daily deals aren’t really worth it.

The Price Hike

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