Triple Pundit: London Chefs Campaign To Reduce Food Waste

Triple Pundit: London Chefs Campaign To Reduce Food Waste

A new effort will provide 'doggie boxes' to diners unable to finish their meals free of charge.

Triple Pundit
  • 12 october 2011

Three years ago, a survey among UK restaurants revealed that eating out produces 100 times more CO2 emissions than eating in. Food waste contributes a significant portion to this amount. Last year, several UK businesses brought the focus to food waste and developed methods on how to reduce this number. However, in spite of growing awareness, a whopping 200,000 tons of food is wasted per year.

Currently, dozens of London chefs are banding together to introduce doggy bags in an attempt to reduce waste around the capital. The Sustainable Restaurant Association has organized the Too Good To Waste campaign and participating restaurants have pledged to stock “doggy boxes.” Staff in these restaurants will be trained to offer these boxes to diners (free of charge) who have not been able to finish their meal.

The SRA is a national non-profit that provides restaurants advice and support on how to become more sustainable. SRA also offers Star Rating as a method to evaluate how sustainable restaurants are. This rating also serves as a barometer for customers when choosing a place to eat. Tom Tanner of the SRA reckons that the initiative could cut down the amount of food waste by at least 20% in every participating restaurant. The doggy boxes provided by SRA is made by London BioPackaging and are constructed out of 100% recycled and biodegradable materials making them suitable for recycling and composting.

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Originally published on Triple Pundit. Republished with kind permission.

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