‘Unbig’ Smart Car Pokes Fun At American Obsession With “Big”

‘Unbig’ Smart Car Pokes Fun At American Obsession With “Big”

Mercedes Benz's newest campaign for its tiny car questions whether size really does matter.

Alice Chan
  • 11 october 2011

Mercedes Benz’s newest campaign for its Smart Fortwo launch in the U.S. emphasizes the ‘unbig’-ness of the cars, while poking fun at American obsession with ‘big.’ The TV spot features a montage of snippets showing a variety of scenes of Americans from all walks of life, each repeating the same one word in different contexts: ‘Big.’ Smart Fortwo general manager Tracey Matura said the message is for people to rethink what they need from transportation:

It’s not about large being bad, it’s about big not always being necessary. The Smart is the right car from its inception to delivery in your driveway.

Designed by Razorfish and Merkley & Partners, the Smart Unbig campaign includes a Smart USA site, which provides visual elements referring to the UnBoring, UnRoof, Unplug and UnLeash qualities of the Smart UnCar. Watch the TV spot and check out some pictures of the Smart Fortwo below.

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