Urban OS Controls Future Cities Like Computers

Urban OS Controls Future Cities Like Computers

In the future, cities will be efficiently run and monitored by one operating system.

Anna Brillon
  • 8 october 2011

In the same way that laptops and desktops run on operating systems (OS) like Mac and Windows, this proposed OS intends to do that on a city level. Technology company Living PlanIT came up with the idea of Urban OS to help make rapid developments to cities across the globe. In the proposed model, Urban OS controls various processes within the city, such as traffic lights, electricity supply, gas, water, and others. Sensors will also be installed in key places all over the city, gathering readings from traffic flow, air temperature, and more. Urban OS hopes to make cities more efficient, and therefore improving the quality of life for its denizens. In this project, Living PlanIT is collaborating with Cisco and Deutsche Telekom, and a testing phase for Urban OS is currently being set up in Portugal.

BBC News

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