Vanishing Fruit Labels That Dissolve Into Produce Wash

Vanishing Fruit Labels That Dissolve Into Produce Wash
Design & Architecture

Scott Amron's clever alternative to stickers turns into an organic fruit cleansing soap.

Emma Hutchings
  • 26 october 2011

New York-based designer and electrical engineer Scott Amron, founding principal of the site Amron Experimental, has come up with a good idea for cleaning fruit while getting rid of those annoying stickers that you just peel off and throw away. Amron’s ‘Vanishing Fruitwash Labels’ dissolve into a cleansing produce soap when you wash and rub them with water, which helps to remove wax, pesticides, dirt and bacteria. The labels can also be peeled off normally and they helpfully display Price Look-Up (PLU) codes for the check-out. Amron is currently offering an investment opportunity to buy a 10% stake in the Fruitwash Label Intellectual Property (patents).

Amron’s Vanishing Fruitwash Labels

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+Environmental / Green

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