'People Mover' combines different art forms, all of which were filmed and performed on Detroit's train.

The 18-minute mini documentary entitled, ‘People Mover’ has a name derived from the mass rail transit system that has been shuttling Detroit citizens for over 24 years. All the footage was shot inside the train, and the film featured 24 different groups representing the creative minds of Detroit.

According to the film, the city, including the train that passes through it, represents the heart and soul of its people – from the past, present, and the future. People Mover shows a colorful mix of 24 performances from various genres, whether it is creative dance, poetry, hip hop, rock, classical music, visual arts, and even opera. The film also mentions a look into the city’s progress, and the valuable role the train plays in its development. At present, the People Mover train transports more than 2.2 million people in Detroit per year.

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