Using Design To Edit Our Lives, Improve Happiness & Reduce Eco-Impact [Video]

Using Design To Edit Our Lives, Improve Happiness & Reduce Eco-Impact [Video]
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Graham Hill speaks to PSFK about how his project which will spread ideas on spatial, product, behavioural and systems design.

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  • 21 october 2011

Graham Hill is expanding on the success he’s had with, a popular destination for green entrepreneurs and designers. In collaboration with Mutopo and Jovoto, LifeEdited is an open challenge to design life intelligently and optimally, with the smallest footprint. Mr.Hill renovated a 420 square foot space for himself and guests to present compelling frameworks for minimalist living. The project demonstrates the valuable power of doing more with less, which he discussed in detail during his TED talk earlier this year. We sat down for a talk with Graham Hill to gain a more in-depth understanding of the inspiration behind his latest big idea. First watch the TED video below and then check out the conversation with Graham below:

We sat down for a talk with Graham Hill to gain a more in-depth understanding of the inspiration behind his latest big idea.

Tell us about LifeEdited and how it compliments/builds on your vision for Treehugger?

LifeEdited is in a way the physical manifestation of TreeHugger. We are building a movement around less space and less stuff as we believe that done with care it can allow us to live happier lives and ones within our financial and environmental means. We are going to point to solutions that enable small living. Spatial design, product design, behavioural design and sharing systems design. What we find lacking we will catalyze or build ourselves.

The first three projects are 420 and 350 sft apartments in Manhattan and a 1,000 sft off grid house with electric car in Maui. will become a more significant site but in the meanwhile, sign up for our newsletter.

How is editing “the skill of the 21st century?” What is the meaning and power behind this statement?

We live in a time of MORE…more media, more information, more people we know, more possibilities, more products…it can be quite overwhelming. It’s easy to get consumed by the minutiae and miss out on the good stuff in life, not to mention live outside of our environmental and financial budgets. Enter the skill of editing. No-one wants a 6 hour movie…we want a 2 hr movie. Why? Because we want the good parts. We believe that doing a good job of editing your space, your stuff, your media, how and who you spend your time with etc is a way out of feeling overwhelmed and a way to live a happier life.

Briefly describe how LifeEdited will integrate architectural, product/service, and behavioral design into its approach?

We’ll start by seeking out the best examples of these and we’ll follow this up by experimenting with them in our spaces and
then sharing our findings with the world via media.

How will you scale LifeEdited?

We plan to share a lot via media. Our hope is to do a bunch of smaller renovations and then one or more large building where
we can try various functional and aesthetic approaches to small living and then expose these to many people in person and
via the media. A larger building will allow us to integrate significant sharing systems, which we believe is key in making this
all work.

Anything else to add?

If you enjoy this area, please follow me on twitter (@ghill) and join our newsletter at

Thanks Graham!


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