Beryl Graham and Sarah Cook examine new media art and what this means to the curatorial practice.

Rethinking Curating: Art after New Media, by Beryl Graham and Sarah Cook. Foreword by Steve Dietz (available at amazon UK and USA)

Publisher The MIT Press says: 

As curator Steve Dietz has observed, new media art is like contemporary art–but different. New media art involves interactivity, networks, and computation and is often about process rather than objects. New media artworks, difficult to classify according to the traditional art museum categories determined by medium, geography, and chronology. These works present the curator with novel challenges involving interpretation, exhibition, and dissemination. This book views these challenges as opportunities to rethink curatorial practice. It helps curators of new media art develop a set of flexible tools for working in this fast-moving field, and it offers useful lessons from curators and artists for those working in such other areas of art as distributive and participatory systems.

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