iPhone App May Make Reading Glasses Obsolete

iPhone App May Make Reading Glasses Obsolete

Train your brain to process blurry images and texts better with the GlassesOff app so you can stave off the inevitable aging of your eyes.

Yi Chen
  • 1 october 2011

A new iPhone app promises to help people read better without glasses. The app targets people in their 50s who experience a sharp decline in close vision acuity. As the lenses in our eyes become less supple with age, it becomes harder to make out objects and words at close proximity. GlassesOff, developed by Israeli company Ucansi, trains the brain to better process blurry images, effectively delaying the need to wear reading glasses.

Uri Polat, the founder of the company and a professor at the Tel Aviv University, commented that the technique used can convince the brain to act as a pair of glasses. Clinical tests have shown that the app is effective, enabling an average reduction in ‘eye age’ from 50.5 to 41.9.

The app will be launched on the iPhone next year and is expected to cost around $90 for a three-month subscription.


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