Created for a scenario in Earth's distant future, the HORIZON concept is designed to survive in extreme conditions.

This year, west coast automotive design studios competing in the 2011 LA Design Challenge were tasked with developing a concept based around the theme “Hollywood’s Hottest New Movie Car.” Subaru’s Horizon plays a feature role in ‘Divided’, a story about survival in Earth’s distant future.

After 200 years since the rotation of the Earth has stopped, the Earth was split into two, distinctly different hemispheres, the Daysphere and the Nightsphere. Humans have been living in a highly developed civilization in the Nightsphere, away from the sun’s harmful electromagnetic waves. There is no sunlight, but they had electricity sourced from an innovative energy plant that powered the megacity. It seemed the technology driven human civilization was flourishing as always, but there was a threat slowly casting a shadow down upon them. The fuel of the power generation system, a rare crystallized mineral, was running out of energy.

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