3D Hologram Assistant Picks Out The Right Phone For You

3D Hologram Assistant Picks Out The Right Phone For You

Telenet in Belgium has created an interactive touchscreen wall that can also project a 3D rendered image of a helpdesk staff.

Yi Chen
  • 3 november 2011

A Belgium telecommunications and broadband cable services company has launched an innovative retail display to help customers select the perfect mobile phone, phone plan and accessories. The SmartSpot is a large touchscreen wall that includes a ‘world premiere’ 3D hologram feature which Telenet has called he TelePresence helpdesk. When the customer has a question, they will be actually connected to a Telenet helpdesk advisor in Mechlin. The staff’s image will be rendered in 3D as life size so it would appear as if the Telenet employee is standing right in front of the customer.

Patrick Vincent, Chief Commercial Officer at Telenet commented that:

The SmartSpot is our answer to the current ‘normal’ phone store, where customers drown in information. Through our three step program, we give consumers any information they want, but not more. Our aim is to let everyone make a personal, well-informed choice from a range of phones that can test extensively in our shop.


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