The latest (third) round of the advertising competition will celebrate advertising in an expanded array of formats, and will employ Pinterest in showcasing nominations.

We’ve talked about TED’s Ads Worth Spreading competition before, and were pleased to hear that the 2011 round of the competition is taking on a different structure. The challenge will be fueled by six nominating teams – at least one of which has decided to launch their own website to better and more democratically connect with a broader audience throughout the process. One of those nominating teams is the “Creative Wonder” team, consisting of Jinal Shah and Raghava K.K. “The Search for Creative Wonder” will expand its focus to include more than just moving image advertising. Some of the perception-shifting ideas currently being nominated take other forms, including ideas pitched on Kickstarter, a choose-your-own adventure experience played out on YouTube, and the eye-tracking technology-based graffiti produced by Tony TEMPT1. According to Jinal Shah:

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