New York’s Grid Layout Stretched Over The Globe

New York’s Grid Layout Stretched Over The Globe

Extend NY visualizes what New York's classic grid would look if the whole world conformed to it.

Dylan Schenker
  • 16 november 2011

Manhattan’s street grid layout is famous for its navigability. By creating a design based on numbered avenues and streets it makes it very simple to give directions and to discover destinations based simply on cross streets. But what if this grid extended to the entire world?

The Extend NY website designed by Harold Cooper envisions what it would be like if this exact layout was extrapolated to cover the entire globe. Blue lines blanket the world and adopting the New York design each point is marked by two green signs at a 90 degree angle. Numbers go as high as the one hundred thousands, peaking somewhere approximately in Uzbekistan. Anyone can punch in their address and discover their location on the grid.

It is a humorous extension of a well known layout. However it also shows how the functionality of the system becomes diminished as it becomes further expanded across larger swathes of land. A grid such as New York’s street layout only really works when considering numbers that don’t get so large that they are too difficult to remember. The system only works properly within the context of a limited, easily divisible space.

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