The breath mint company has launched a unique campaign in which they have created humorous, fake artefacts that people can bid for online.

Altoids, the breath mint brand, has created a “Hall of Curiosity” website that lets viewers scroll through a fictitious museum of branded artifacts available at auction. By integrating a for-charity eBay auction, the Chicago-based agency Energy BBDO has added an interactive element in their old-timey themed Altoids ad.

Among the relics featured in the collection, one can view “The Second Altoids Mint,” apparently the first was eaten, an “Altoids Tin with Hardwood Floors,” and a T-Rex skeleton with an Altoids tin head. Alongside the artifacts are brief narratives that turn the brand’s history into something of a homespun children’s bedtime story. One viral video includes faux grainy footage of the heist where the “Golden Monkey Altoids Lamp” was stolen from the Louvre by a mystery man on a unicycle.

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