The handcrank-powered 'LomoKino' from Lomography lets you return to the early days of filmmaking.

Lomography's analogue reinvention of movie-making, the LomoKino, is a super 35mm video camera that lets you capture original and creative footage, and experiment with lomography in motion.

To use the video camera, simply load it with any 35mm film and turn the handcrank to start filming. It shoots 144 frames per roll, at 3-5 frames per second, and shows the amount remaining on a built-in display, with a red flag that pops up when you're out of film.

If you're shooting a subject that's over a metre away, the LomoKino automatically keeps it in focus. You can use the ‘close-up button' on the front of the camera to focus on subjects up to 0.6m. It also has continuous aperture settings from f/5.6 to f/11, a foldable viewfinder and a hot-shoe mount to attach your flash to.

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